What did you do before First Image and before coming to London?

I moved from Rome four months ago. Before working at First Image I was exploring London, I only arrived here in February after finishing my design degree. I consider London to be a great opportunity to meet new people and apply all my skills.

What do you like about London?

I like that it’s a city for many things. You can find inspiration everywhere, even just window shopping. Even if you’re not out to buy things, you can always find inspiration to create things.   London is super rich with things and people, it’s great to meet and exchange experiences and ideas.

When I’m working on something it’s very difficult to have it all inside me, so I speak to people and sometimes it amounts to an idea or thought that’s useful.

So inspiration isn’t just visual?

I get inspired by everything – I’m trying to read more at the moment but it’s tricky because it’s crowded on the tube and you can’t sit down.

I like a lot of different things, and here you can find everything. Speaking of food and cuisines for example, you can choose what you want to eat. In Rome you eat mainly Italian food, pizza, pasta – it is very good but predominantly Italian. Here there is a true variety of different flavours.

Sounds like you tried a lot. Have you found favourites?

Ha. Not yet, my husband and I decided that we will not go to the same restaurant twice. There is such a great variety and so much choice!

How about favourite drinks? You tasted some English beers yet?

I like crafty things, so there’s some scope to discover craft beers but I have no idea what they’re supposed to taste like. After three years in Italy I’m more of a wine person.

You just finished University. Which direction are you going?

My course was mainly graphic design, but we had some motion graphics, video and 3D animation in the third year which really impressed me. I like working with movement, and I like when you have an entire world in your computer screen.

What do you like about First Image?

Well, I like that I was given the possibility to do what I really enjoy – motion graphics – even though I only started working on my own stuff a few months ago. They believed in me!

I don’t know why the English are known as cold and difficult abroad, everyone here is happy and engaged – working at First Image is not just a job. We share things and knowledge, and everyone is able and up to help. It’s a strong team of communicators with a general culture of sharing. I’m happy when I talk about work – in Italy people get nervous when the weekend comes towards an end.

Another thing I like is First Image’s location. Many design studios are in East, I like that FI is West. It saves me from a dark journey on the tube.

What are you looking forward to?

To continue discovering London. And England. The first important trip will be to Cornwall but for the moment I’m charmed by London’s vibrance and unpredictability.

Thanks, Katya. We look forward to hanging out with you.