A lot goes into an animation. Reevoo was no exception. In fact, a lot of different stuff was going on in this one, including our three characters, some minimalist background scenes, interactive web pages, and that paper plane darting around. But where does it all start? Below are some images of the process that went into making this animation starting with the character development…




The brief to create a female 40’s brand manager and a 20/30’s male consumer was the first challenge to overcome. We worked closely with Reevoo throughout the whole process. They supplied a script and a draft storyboard. We went through a detailed process crafting the perfect look and feel for the Reevoo characters. Once we had these sorted we developed Reevoo’s initial storyboard sketches into a hand drawn storyboard like these frames here…




When were happy the story was working we began fully artworking the storyboard…


Once this was approved we were ready to bring it all to life. We recorded the voice over with Grace Dunn over at Voiceover Soho.  Once we had the audio track laid out and timings set it was over to After Effects…

“Anyone who’s ever tried to animate a walk cycle like the one here knows it’s no walk in the park. But After Effects has the tools to make it all a bit easier. Using Duik and a spot of RubberHose 2 we got our characters rigged and ready for action. It takes a bit of effort, but after diligently applying our keyframes we got it all sussed.”

Will Chappell

Animator, First Image

We’ve had a great response to the animation from all the team at Reevoo, in particular Francesco who was with us every step of the way…

“Our experience working First Image can be described with just one word: GREAT. We enjoyed working closely with the team through all the steps, from idea inception, storyboarding to completion.

They are talented, efficient and approachable. The final work reflects perfectly the message we wanted to send out and our audience is loving it! They are our reference for any future project.”

Francesco Canada

Visual Designer, Reevoo

There aren’t many things in this world as fun to animate as explainer videos, especially one like this, with its popping pages and charming characters. With this project we were able to work on a variety of disciplines and really showcase our skills.


Watch the finished animation here.