We have been working with our lovely client Expedia Affiliate Network, a B2B partnership brand of Expedia, for a number of years. We have witnessed the brand grow, helping them to create informative videos illustrating their latest products and services.

The main challenge throughout all of the projects have been to understand the complex technology and terminology which they need to show. Getting our head around API’s, J-SON codes, and merchandising was an essential part in making sure we delivered the right message.


We created animations with a vector feel using existing icons as a starting point to their style. With no pre-existing videos to use as a guide, we were free to develop the style. Our script writer did a wonderful job in creating a coherent narrative for our VO artists to read in a friendly upbeat manner. Not a hint of ‘corporate’ in sight.

As EAN created their new look and feel, we were then asked to refresh existing videos. We had fun playing with their new colour palette and icons to create videos which work nicely together and tie in nicely to the brand. The new looks has a more modern feel, using more neutral colours and increased linework.


Whilst the primary colours are blues and ‘champagnes’, we used pops of yellow to add a little interest and help create dynamic screens.



And the highlight? Being shown around their great offices.. including their karting room.

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