Designing a pinball machine for our black-and-white-branded client CAMPAIGN BIG / Haymarket Events was good fun and something really new. You wouldn’t believe how cram-packed with graphics and visual stimuli those machines are – well, until you had to texture one.

The process involved going to the Arcade and playing some of the machines for research purposes. Done deal. Then we started designing some of the actual thirty elements our machine would be composed of. Trying to make it more abstract, interesting and clean we situated the monochrome elements within the blackness of outer space and worked on Cinema 4D, 3DS Max and Element 3D for best results. In addition to the show-graphics on screen, we’ve also designed the print and digital campaigns for pre-event promotion.

Here are the stills and our animated work. Client’s happy and we’re feeling playfully pleased. Let the games continue.

Credits: Haymarket Events

We loved seeing our pinballs in dramatic light all over Old Billingsgate.